Cathy Alfandre | Career Fulfillment Coaching Process
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Whether I work with you as a coach or a writer (or both), you can count on me to:

– LISTEN with empathy, openness, and caring.

– REVIEW AND ASSESS relevant background, including important experiences you have had, your unique skills and talents, and your thoughts on what you would like to create in your work, in the context of your life as a whole.

– ASK targeted questions to help you uncover important information and make the best possible decisions.

– GUIDE the process with tools, exercises, questionnaires, and/or “homework” assignments to keep momentum going.

– FOLLOW THROUGH AND DELIVER on commitments and deadlines.

– SHARE relevant information and resources to help you be a masterful architect of your own career.

– PROVIDE a safe and confidential forum for discussion and exploration.

– EXPLORE and respond to your changing needs on an ongoing basis.

– ENCOURAGE you to take adequate time for change and sustain your commitment to a fulfilling career.

My approach is built on a foundation of commitment to service: I am motivated by the opportunity to help my clients improve their working lives and, by extension, the lives of those around them. I deeply value the relationships that I build with my clients and hope to stay connected long after we work together.