Cathy Alfandre | Career Fulfillment Coaching
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As a certified career coach, I specialize in working with mid-career professionals and executives, helping them clarify, pursue, and achieve their career goals. I have worked with clients in virtually every industry and at every level.

Each person’s situation is unique, of course, and my work is always tailored to address individual needs. Some of the myriad scenarios I see:

… Recent layoff and need to get back to work…

… Recent management change and no longer satisfied at work…

… Feeling stagnant in current company/role…

… Dissatisfied for a long time and finally feeling like it’s time to make a change…

… Changes in life circumstances require a change in work as well…

… Been out of the workforce for a while and need to get back in…

… Feel like a layoff could come and want to be ready…

… Haven’t had to interview in years…

… “No idea what I want to do when I grow up”…

Whatever the situation, I can help you to discover the path forward and then take practical steps to move in that direction. Through a guided but flexible and collaborative process, our work together would start with figuring out where you are on the career change spectrum:

Decision Making

I don’t know what I want yet….
What work should I do next?
What would be both fulfilling and feasible?
What is the best fit for me right now?

Planning & Search

I know what I want, but what’s the best way to proceed?
What are the best search strategies? What’s my action plan?
How do I move forward and keep the momentum?

Action & Communication

I’m active in the job market….
How do I sell myself effectively
when networking and interviewing?

Depending on where you are, we could work together on:

– Assessments/exercises to discover values, priorities, interests, passions

– Research and informational interviewing

– Exploration of practical and financial constraints

– Goal setting

– Job search and networking planning

– Troubleshooting difficult job search

– Connecting with executive recruiting resources

– (Written materials if needed—see the “Resumes & More” section)

– Preparing elevator pitch

– Preparing interview stories

– Practice interviewing

– (Written materials if needed—see the “Resumes & More” section)

Together we will figure out the right coaching for you—so that you can move forward with your transition as quickly as possible.

Click over to the “How I Work” section of this site to learn more about the process of working with me as a coach.